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My Public FWB

I met a new friend on one of my Swinger Facebook groups. He is tall, dark, and handsome! We got to chatting and found we had some similar desires for public play. We decided to meet up in person. For this post, we will call him Kevin. Kevin and I were both out and about running errands and getting off from work. So, we met up at the local farm store because I needed some dog food. We did our quick shopping together, hugged, and said goodbye. A few minutes later, we are texting each other about how BADLY we wanted to just rip our clothes off and do it right there in the parking lot. Next thing I know, I am meeting him off some gravel road to fuck. The area was overgrown with weeds, but we made our way back a bit from the parking area and laid down a blanket on the flattest spot we could find. I was wearing a sundress, with nothing underneath. How else do you wear a sundress?! We started kissing and I took off his shirt. Mmm his tattoos and strong arms were so hot! I knelt down to my knees while I took his jeans off. WOW! I was not expecting such a huge cock! My mouth was drooling. I swirled my tongue around him, cupping his boys in one hand before I took him all in. I couldn't fit him all the way in, he was just so big! With my other hand, I grip his shaft as I worked my tongue and lips around him.

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