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My Life in a Nutshell

Welcome and thank you for visiting Bella's Swing Journey! I am Bella and this is my space to air out all my dirty laundry... HA! Kidding! I wanted to create a space to tell my stories about my swinging experiences but also help educate, attack the stigmas, and talk about things most don't want to. Sexual Transmitted Infections, porn, sexual preferences, communication tools with your partner, and of course, the naughty fun I have experienced! This blog will have adult language, sexual references, and adult topics which is for people 18 years or older.

Now about me, I have been a single, working mom for about 15 years at this point in my life. I am a nurse and educator. I was raised Catholic but no longer follow any religions; I do believe in doing good, the Golden Rule and Karma. I was raised in a small town and have only moved to the next small town over. I enjoy being outside whether it be for a hike, camping trip, kayaking, swimming, or just hanging out in the backyard playing games or grilling a burger. Dogs are better than cats ( lol )!

Sexually, I am open to any gender although I have only ever really dated men. I'll just say here, my pronouns are her/she, and I will probably not be correct in all of my pronouns or anything but I do not discriminate, I just have some learning to do myself. I love seeing people being their best self, no matter how they want to present themselves to the world. This is one of the best things I love about the Lifestyle; people being their true selves and being welcomed. Back to me, I enjoy sex with men and woman, I love being in relationships with men but now that I have met my perfect man, I am not opposed to dating a woman as well (as Poly or Triad situation if that ever comes up for us).

Education has a big place in my heart. I have taught in my nursing career for years and absolutely love it! I am SOOO excited to have this platform where I can help educate others about the Lifestyle and swinging and all the things that come with it. ** I do NOT have any degrees or training in this subject, I only have the experiences of myself and others that I am close to** But I want this to be a place that you can come and see that swingers are your every day people in your every day lives. We just like to have sex, it's a hobby of ours!

Again, thank you so much for reading and I am pumped to have you on this journey with me!

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