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Friendships in the LS

The friendships I have made during my time in the Lifestyle are


These friendships are also raw and real. Politics, careers, size of house or car, none of that matters! Who you are as a person is what matters. You can talk about all your desires, dreams, and fantasies, without being judged. It's a very freeing feeling.

Of course, what about the sexy stuff, right!!?? HELL YES that happens as well! Some of my best friends are ones I met at the Club or an event and have played with multiple times! That's pretty amazing. To be able to flirt with all your friends, possibly play with them, but all in all just be great friends with them. Some friends, our kids even know each other and are friends. Family's have intertwined in friendships. It's truly amazing.

And no, you don't sleep with everyone....I know that's what ya'll thought! A lot of people will go to the club or events just to mingle, meet new like-minded people, dance their heels off, or to just feel sexy in a safe environment. I have met a few girls that don't sleep or play with anyone, but they go to the club because it is a safe place to dance and dress in whatever they feel good in and NOT have to worry about being groped, or touched, or hit on by thirsty guys. Now, nowhere is perfect but if there is ever someone being too thirsty or inappropriate, security is right there to help out!

Overall, the community within the lifestyle and the friendships I have made, out rank any of the sexy fun stuff I have encountered. And let me tell you.... there has been some fun and wild sexy times!!

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