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Found a LS Girl Friend

As I mentioned in one of my first blogs, I found the LS club kind of by random. I was single and looking to explore my bi-sexual side, and sexuality in general. After my first night at the club, I knew I had to come back as much as I could. I didn't want to really go alone though. So, I used the dating apps I already had made up, and switched it to looking for females only. I thought I would have more fun going to the club with a female rather than male, at least to start. I thought it would be less stress and us girls could get ready together and make a whole friendship out it. Luckily for me, I found a girl that was open to the idea fairly quickly. So, I met her at a vanillla bar just to see if we hit it off ourselves. Neither of us were looking for a true girlfriend relationship, but instead, a close friendship that was open to the idea of playing sexually together at times.

Our first meet at the vanilla bar went great! We had some drinks, talked about our lives a bit and browsed the bar for hotties. The next weekend, I took her to the club with me. I believe this night's theme was "Blue Night" so we wore some tight, thin, sexy blue dresses. These dresses hugged every inch of our curves and showed off all the sexiness! We had an amazing night! Our drinks were extra tasty this night, the music was on point, and we were on fire! We walked around the club, meeting people, and I introduced her to the few people that I had already met. We met a couple single guys, which was perfect for a couple new single ladies at the club. We dragged these guys into the hot tub with us. No clothes allowed of course!

The tub got extra hot pretty quickly once we were all in there! Us girls started playing with the guys one on one, which led to the guys giving us girls lots of attention! Before we knew it, we were both having sex with the guys. We didn't cross over to each other too much, but the hot tub is only so big... bodies were all over each other! It was steamy hot!

Once we were all very, very, satisfied and boiling hot, we got out, dried up and put our little blue dresses back on. We swapped contacts with the guys and moved about our night. By this hour, we were both pretty exhausted and ready to head home! It was a pretty damn good night for her first night and she wanted to come back with me ASAP! And I was totally on board with that!

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