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First Night at a Lifestyle Club Pt. 2

Updated: Feb 15

And we're back! J and I are mingling around the club, chatting it up with folks from the Poly group and also just others we met throughout the night. We are basically doing circles around the club to try to get the full experience (like we hadn't already in the group play room! lol) I was getting pretty tired, it was maybe 1am and I was getting close to being ready to go home. Before we left, J wanted to go to the play room just one more time, JUST to see if anything was going on. So there we go, checking out the scenes, watching people fuck and play around. And then, there we go again! I'm testing out another sex bench, one where you kneel on it and have a rest for your arms. The height is made perfectly to give a man oral while kneeling on it.... so that's what I did! I have taken my outfit off again, kneeling on the bench with panties and heels on while I am giving J oral in front of me. He's enjoying the show around him while I am ass up, pleasuring him. A few minutes in, a gentleman comes up behind me and asks if he can touch my body, I consent to this. He is running his fingers over my back and my ass and down my thighs which is getting me more worked up! He asks if he can take my panties off and again, I give him consent. He asks before he does anything more to me than I have given him consent to do which is something I had NEVER experienced before! It was extremely sexy to be treated that way. Eventually, he has his hard cock inside me, slowing moving in and out, while I still have J's manhood in my mouth. What an experience this was, oh my! This continues for a little bit longer, but this man behind me was quite endowed and it was hurting a bit more than I could handle. So, we stopped and felt pretty accomplished by this time. J and I clean up once again, put our clothes on, and go to gather our belongings we had left around the dance floor.

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