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First night at a Lifestyle Club Pt.1

OOHH MYYY GOOSSHHH!!! I will never forget this night! Get ready for all the dirty little details in this one! My friend for the night (we'll call him J) and I arrive to the club, we find our way in. It's a pretty private place so it takes a minute to find the entrance. We make it inside, we get signed in and then we get a tour. This place is so amazing and has such a friendly and sexy atmosphere. I am in love already! I was worried I would stand out by not being a size 4 with the perfect porn-star body, but there were people of all shapes, sizes, and races. It was beautiful! J and I start walking around, meet up with the Poly group and introduce ourselves to everyone we came in contact with. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly... and SEXY! Some were wearing normal dress clothes, others were dressed in the ABC theme. It was fun to see everyone in their comfort zone. Not too long into the night, there were guys and girls without tops on, some having fun with people out on the dance floor or on the back patio. J and I decided we would check out the group play room. It had a very sexy appeal to it; red lights, beds, spanking benches, the works! At first we were watching people have sex, give oral, coming and going from the room. I wanted to crank it up a notch. I mean, I didn't know anyone so why not just go for it, right?! I pulled down J's pants, and got on my knees in front of him. I started playing with his man parts and giving him oral while other people were around and watching. I took off my apron, and was just in my panties and heels while on my knees. This was incredibly hot! Just a couple minutes into playing with J and getting him hard, a woman came up to me and asked if she could help me. OF COURSE! 2 women playing with one man, Hell yes! So, there we were, both of us on our knees, performing oral on J. Shortly after, we all went to one of the beds in the room, we undressed each other and all three of us, along with the other woman's husband, got on the bed. The husband was only watching, this night was for his wife's pleasure. The three of us start playing with each other, hands are everywhere, mouths are exploring, fingers are finding warm spots to play. It felt so natural and so sexy! The other woman and I took turns taking J's rock hard manhood. Us women playing with each other while J was rocking our worlds. So intense and such a turn on, the entire time!

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