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First Hotel Takeover Pt. 2

Yup, this takeover needed two blogs to cover it all! It was such an amazing time and I met so many new people! Of course, my first take over and I was still fresh in the Lifestyle, so I wanted to keep meeting more people. Well, a week before the takeover, a woman had posted asking for ladies help in giving her hubby a good birthday present at the Takeover. She wanted to line up an entire afternoon of women going to their room and receiving oral from her husband. Umm... her hubby was sexy and all I had to do was lay back and receive oral.... sign me up, girl! So I messaged her, we chatted and when it came to the takeover, I ran into them at one of the classes they were doing. The class was on cupping and my girlfriend and I both wanted to try it. So, we did the cupping, then I left to go meet this woman's husband in their room. I laid on their sex swing and just let him work his magic! I won't lie, I was a tad nervous, and pretty sober for this. But, it was still hot and a new experience and that is what I wanted to do for myself, in this lifestyle. It starts out as just oral, but I think he could tell I was wanting more, so he asked me for permission to have sex, slipped on a condom, and went for it! This was such an experience for me! New person, new lifestyle, SOBER, and I had never done something like this before. It was awesome! We finished, properly introduced ourselves and chatted for a few while cleaning up, we hugged and thanked each other for the time and moved on with our day! I'm sure he had another appointment to get to (haha).

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