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First Hotel Takeover Pt. 1

Ohhh Cinco de Mayo Hotel Takeover!! My first hotel takeover! I decided to go to this one with my "Lifestyle Girlfriend", who I talk about in another post. I had my own hotel room but she was able to hang out and use it as well. We also invited a couple of single guy friends to hang out while setting up and drink with in my room. I made a photo shoot backdrop in my room which was super adorbs! I decided to go with this so during the Hallway Crawl, I could invite people in to take photos and get to know more people. It worked out pretty well! This takeover was pretty similar to others I would come to find out. We had classes during the day that we could sign up for and learn about different things. I signed up for the "Your body, Your Orgasm" class. It was amazing! It taught me about what the body goes through to reach orgasm and the after effects . I also learned that it is my choice to orgasm, of course there is the work up to it and all that comes with that, but it's also about me letting go and allowing myself to feel it all and go over that edge and into my orgasm! It was everything I didn't know I needed!

After the classes, a lot of people would find food at the potluck and chit-chat while eating their dinner. Then came the pool party, of course! Volleyball in the water which was made with rope from one side of the pool to the other, and it had lingerie hanging from it. The lingerie was stuff that had been left at previous takeovers, how fun is that! Most of us, including me, played Volleyball naked. It's so sexy to look around and see so many people just naked and having "vanilla" fun. Off to the side of the pool, groups of people are hanging out, either in their Cinco de Mayo outfits, or in lingerie, in normal clothes, and also some people are completely naked!

All around are people talking, kissing, some were even doing more... now that is a site to see! It's not all sex and orgies at these events, but there definitely can be! Sometimes, you can look around and see multiple people giving each other oral on the side of the pool, even! I made sure to have some fun of my own in the pool. I met this man, he was married, his wife was out and about having her own fun. That's how this couple worked, they would play separate or together and just enjoyed it all. I don't know if it was the pool, atmosphere, or what, but I just kept having orgasms in the pool with this man! Having sex in the water isn't always the best option, it can be quite drying actually. This time was not that though! It was incredibly hot, so we decided to take it back to my room after he checked in with his wife. We continued to play and this man.... just kept going like the energizer bunny! Multiple orgasms! Oh my gosh! We finally called it a night, leaving a ginormous wet spot from me on my bed. (Oh those poor cleaning maids!) I think by this time, I was completely wiped out! I thanked this man over and over again, cleaned myself up, and went to bed!

Oh, this is all just Friday night! I'll write a second post for Saturday! XOXO

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