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Everyone's Biggest Concern...

About swinging is the sexually transmitted diseases! That is, until they actually learn about them. Until they realize, swingers, are safer when it comes to STD's than your average vanilla person. I will tell you what I have seen, heard, and have done. This is not a peer-reviewed blog, this information may or may not be 100% accurate based on new studies, etc. This is going to be my opinion based on my experiences. SWINGERS are so much safer than anyone you may meet at your local watering hole about sexually transmitted diseases. I am speaking for the majority, there are always some people out there that do not care to take protection. But for the majority of swingers, they are educated in STDs, they understand how they present, spread, and how to protect themselves and others from them. SWINGERS CARE about each other! We are not going to put our friends and loved ones at a higher risk just for some sex. I would guess 85% or higher of swingers wear condoms every time they play. We are also vigilant about getting tested for STDs regularly.

How often did I personally test for STDs when I was a vanilla girl, meeting guys off dating sites or at bars. Whether I dated them or just slept with them for the night, I only got tested during my normal PAP smears or if I noticed a change "down there". That is awful! But it's the truth. I didn't know truly how at risk I was being, I didn't think it would ever happen to me. Luckily, it hadn't, but I was not being smart about it at all. I have since learned so much more about STDs and my risk.

I have learned this from the swinging community. We help remind each other to test, we open up about our risks and talk about it. It's not a dirty or weird subject. It's real and it should be talked about more! I have realized that it is OKAY to talk about SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES! It's healthy to, in fact. Whether you are vanilla, a swinger, or interested in learning more, look it up. Did you know you should be swapped in the back of your throat every time you get a STD Panel done? Because I didn't until I researched and was open to talking and learning about it.

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