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Dating in the LS

Dating sucks. Always. Whether you are in the vanilla world or in the swinger world, dating can be a nightmare! I was never trying very hard to find someone to become my partner, I was mostly on dating sites out of boredom, really. I met up with a few guys, had a few dates, but things would change when I would tell them I was in the LS. A few guys told me that it wasn't their thing and good luck. GREAT! they're weeding themselves out! Other guys, would instantly turn all conversations into sexual ones or ask what I've done, or tell them stories.... which, I get it. I really do, but I'm not here to be a story teller, or send you all the nudes to fill your spank bank with. These conversations got old SO FAST! After a bit of that, I got to feeling like I was a piece of meat. I got to the point of just saying "this isn't going to work out, good luck to you" and walking away. There was no point in explaining shit to anyone, I don't have time for that and they weren't worth the explanation.

I did bring a couple single guys into the club scene with me, not really as a date, but as someone fun that I thought was respectful enough to handle it. For the most part, they all worked out. Some are still in the scene and have made a lot of friends and are thriving, some never went again or just sit back and watch thru the websites. Oh well.

I've always had a damn good time as a single female. Living the Unicorn life as I pleased, doing what I wanted, when I wanted, and with who I wanted. What could be better than that, right?! I truly wasn't looking for a serious partner in life, I thought it would take a whole lot to corral this unicorn! I wasn't going to settle, or put up with shit, period. I had a really good life and was having all sorts of fun. Why ruin such a good thing? Little did I know..... such a good life could only have gotten better! Now, I realized this doesn't happen to everyone BUT I'm here to say and show, it is possible and IT CAN HAPPEN! I found my partner for life, my best friend, my partner in crime. And I don't have to give up my damn good lifestyle! He's here to add to it, be a part of it, let me still do my thing and support me 100%. We may be one in billion, but I am damn lucky and will chat more about it later. XOXO

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